Optical Reference Laboratory LLC
                 NIST Traceable Reference Mirrors

The Optical Reference Laboratory is your preferred source for high quality NIST traceable reference mirrors.  These specular reflectance standards exhibit superior surface quality and the highest available spectral accuracy, designed to exceed your most demanding needs. 

                ~   UV/Visible/NIR  calibrations, 250 to 2500 nm
                ~   Calibrations at incident angles of 8, 30, and 45 degrees.

                    Custom Spectral Measurements

Custom reflection and transmission measurements of your materials are also available.  These can include routine scans of parts from your projects or NIST traceable calibration of mirrors from external sources.  A wide variety of sampling accessories is available for UV/VIS/NIR measurements.  Customers enjoy rapid, personal service with an emphasis on accuracy.


          For further information please contact:

               Optical Reference Laboratory
               (530) 753-4358     (Pacific Time)

          Any information you provide will remain strictly confidential
          and will never be made available to any other party without 
          your expressed permission, except as required by law.
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